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Who are we?

Our aim is to find and develop potential players and help guide and develop them into playing at an elite level in the game of Touch Rugby. We are also a platform for any player that wishes to pursue Touch Rugby introductions to local and regional clubs.

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Gold medal Winning Wolves Players Representing England at the Junior Touch Championship in France 2019

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Opportunity for Players for the Youth Touch World cup


The Youth Touch World Cup has been pushed back to 2023 which means we have over a year to select and train players that could be playing in this tournament. This would be a fully capped event and an experience selected player will remain with them for life. There is a shortage of junior players in the UK as players generally start later in life. The tournament will be held in the UK and will have 16 countries represented the categories will be U15’s Mixed, U18’s Boys, Girl and Mixed and U20’s Boys, Girls and Mixed.

As the popularity grows worldwide England needs to build its Junior talent pool of players, we were unbeaten through all age categories and all our divisions at Junior Touch Championship 2019 with all four teams coming home with 4 Gold Medals. This will not last if we do not get new players interested in the game. 

What can we do?

Normally getting talent/potential seen by the right people to get them selected can be unfair as athletes assessed over a short period of time without considering potential can produce a low success rate. That is where we can help. We have been set up to help aid players get into the Elite pathway system by identifying their potential and current abilities. The normal selection process involves players firstly being selected for a regional team, once selected for a regional teams, players will then play at Nationals where National Coaches and selectors will choose players for wider England squads they will then be selected for England Teams. Problem with this is players get missed as exposure levels are low.

Schools, Sports Clubs and individuals

Whether you are part of a school or sports club or individual we are able to deliver trial sessions (depending on numbers) and invitations to our academy evenings. For more information please either call 07956125207 or fill in the contact form below.

​What we will offer

  • Introduction to Touch Rugby

  • Talent and Player Potential ID sessions

  • Pathways to England Squads

  • Pathway to Regional selection

  • England Coaches and exposure to Players from the England set up

Whats the Schools Plan for 2021/22 

Program 1 (The Initial Opportunity) 

  • Get as many players involved in the Elite program.

  • 12 Sessions with players invited by staff £20 (reduced from £50) per session delivered by England Head Coach

  • Identify players that are capable and committed, issue invites to England Training Camps for April 2021.

Program 2 (The Follow on) 

  • Continue insights into Touch Rugby (Clubs) Sessions delivered alongside staff

Program 3 (The Buy In) 

  • Dedicated Coach/ either infrequent visits (budget dependant) or booked FT or staff to deliver.

  • Summer term Curriculum Sport for 1 age group Y9’s (Year groups may be expandable)  

  • Weekly sessions culminating in an Inter Schools/House Competition

  • Weekly Sessions delivered by Academy

  • £ dependant on commitment (funding may be available from the grants)

Call: 07956125207

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