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Terms and Conditions for Junior Touch Rugby Players

  1. I confirm that all the information given on the online membership system OR in this document is correct  Please note that Wolves Touch Rugby Club will not pass on your contact details to any third party other than for player registration purposes. 

  2. I understand that Wolves Touch Rugby Club is run almost entirely by the efforts of volunteers and accept that I am expected to volunteer to help when requested throughout the season.

  3. I give my permission for the registered Wolves Touch Rugby Club players in my family to be transported by car or minibus, by other parents and coaches with my knowledge from time to time.

  4. While every precaution is taken by Wolves Touch Rugby Club to maintain a safe playing and training environment for its young players I accept that due to the nature of the sport that occasional injuries may occur and that Wolves Touch Rugby Club cannot be held responsible for these. I also accept that in the rare event of an injury occurring that treatment may be given by the club’s first aiders or appointed practitioner.

  5. I agree to Wolves Touch Rugby Club and others working with its authority, full and free use of photographic images containing the image / likeness of my playing children. I understand that these images may be used for promotional use, news, research and / or educational purposes in printed publications or on the club website.

  6. By registering my child and making payment of my subscription. I give my permission for the registered Junior Wolves Touch Rugby players in my family to play Touch rugby and associated games at Wolves Touch Rugby Club and agree that the named players (and any related persons benefitting from family membership) shall be bound by the laws, regulations and codes of conduct of the Wolves touch Rugby Club, its Constituent Bodies and ETRFC as they may be available on the respective websites of those bodies from time to time.

  7. Unless indicted, I declare that there are no pre-existing medical conditions that Wolves Touch Rugby Club should be aware of.

  8. I understand that Wolves Touch Rugby Club will do all possible to ensure that all members and players are in a safe environment and health concerns are monitored we cannot and will not be responsible for the administering of any medication e.g. inhalers, tablets etc. This will be the responsibility of a player or his/her delegate, and it is recommended that should a medical condition exist which may require such treatment, that this person will be available to administer such medication

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