We are London's Only structured Touch Rugby Club for Kids. We offer amazing opportunities for our players to try out for regional and England selection. We currently have over 10 players that have been selected to play for the SE region and 4 That are representing England at the 2018 Junior Touch Championship in Stirling and also top up adult teams if they are short of players in the NTS (National Touch Series) and DTS (Development Touch Series). We pride our self on our excellent balance of fun and learning incorporating games sense training into all our sessions. This is backed up by our head coach Andy Penniceard who has not only represented England himself but also coaches the England mixed U15's squad and also our Assistant Head Coach, Matt Kear who currently manages the U15's team but is also SE Regional Head coach. At Wolves we regularly get international capped players to come along and help coach adding an extra  element to the kids training.

Wolves started as Wandsworth Touch Rugby Club back in Dec 2016 due to the non existence of inclusive clubs available for kids to play. Over the year we have introduced children to the benifits of playing the structured version of the game not just your bosh it up Union touch you get at clubs. Not all kids are created equal. Well they are not, some children do not want to play contact rugby but like the sport, some children want to interact and play sport with other. Some kids want to improve their current ball handling and other skills, some kids just want to have a run around. !