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Why Touch Rugby?


With the new RFU Guidelines on contact and touch rugby being one of the supported sports of the RFU and one of the only sports where there are NO high risk factors Identified, now is a great time to consider the opportunities for your pupils and staff members to get involved.

Generally, when you mention the word ‘Rugby’ the immediate reaction or thought that pops into people’s minds is crunching tackles and quite a rough sport. Let us be clear that is not the case at all for touch rugby.


High-performance Sport

The skill levels involved in this game is high and is considered in many countries a High-performance Sport. Touch Rugby is an internationally recognised sport that has a worldwide governing body and is enjoyed by adults and children all over the world. It is a minimum contact game that can be played by all ages. International fully capped competitions and World Cup events at junior, senior and masters exist, and it is a particularly good time to get involved in this fast-growing sport. 


Currently England is ranked 3rd in the World under New Zealand (2nd) and Australia (1st).


Our ambition as a club and academy is to upskill younger players and develop them so that we can be the largest feeder of players into the England Junior Elite program, which will enable us to compete and win as the players develop into adults with the knowledge and experience you can only develop from playing at a young age. 

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Not all kids are created equal


  • Some kids do not want to play contact rugby but like the sport. 

  • Some kids want to interact and play sport with others. 

  • Some kids want to improve their ball handling and other skills. 

  • Some kids just want to have a run around!


Wolves started as Wandsworth Touch Rugby Club back in Dec 2016 due to the non existence of inclusive clubs available for kids to play. Over the years we have introduced children to the benefits of playing the structured version of the game not just your bosh it up Union touch you get at clubs.

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