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Why Play Touch Rugby?

1. Ball handling skills 

Learn how to develop and to pass off both hands confidently effectively and accurately.

2. Spatial awareness

Be more aware of other players and able to play heads up is vital in all team sports.

3. Attack & Defend

Learn how to play sport strategically with set pieces dependant on what the defence are doing. 

4. Fitness

Improve your cardio fitness and strength. 

5. Social

Meet new people


Touch rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK where

body shape age or gender plays no bearing on the success of participation. it is great for improving fitness and meeting new people. There is no contact, scrums, packs, congested ground play or fast bowlers etc. Speed and agility, co-ordination and fitness are the skills required to play. Touch can be played with mixed and single sex teams.

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